What's Going On?

"...We don't need to escalate /  You see, war is not the answer / For only love can conquer hate / You know we've got to find a way / To bring some lovin' here today..."    ~Marvin Gaye


Biosystems Engineering's Impact Report was recognized in the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility category for Ethical and Environmental Responsibility and specifically Ethics in Business! You can view the award listing here.

You can view our Impact from 2018-2022 here.


Great collaboration at the North American Biochar Conference CDR Protocols Session in Sacramento on February 13th, 2024.  

From Left to Right (Front): Joe Kochanski of Puro Earth, Ueli Steiner of Carbon Standards International, Jon Remucal of Climate Action Reserve, and Stefan Jirka of Verra. Center (back): Link Shumaker of Biosystems Engineering, PLLC (moderator)

Thank you Biochar Industry Women Leadership!

North American Biochar Conference Women are Shaping the Future of the Biochar Industry in Sacramento on February 14th, 2024.

From Left to Right: Luisa Marin de Block (General Biochar Systems) , Deborah Aller (Cornell University), Kristin Trippe (USDA-ARS) , Mercedes del Campo (ARTi), and Annie Nichols (Pacific Biochar Benefit Corporation, Moderator)

We are pleased to help bring an amazing exhibit from Boston to the Triangle:

"Barrier Breakers". This exhibit from the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum tells the

story of the integration of baseball, plus Black Business and Civil Rights. 

“The history and symbolism in this exhibit aligns with our mission to bring access to

capital to African American founders. The Negro Leagues were the third largest

black owned business during Jim Crow and is another story of black entrepreneurial

excellence. All the more reason for us to bring it to the Triangle.” – Resilient Ventures

We at Biosystems Engineering are proud to help bring this exhibit to the Triangle!

#BreakingBarriers #NegroLeagueLegacy #CivilRightsChampions #SportsForChange

#InspiringEquality #BaseballAndJustice #ResilientVentures

June 2023

In June the Biosystems Engineering Team was honored to present: "Life Cycle Assessments, Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Registry Methodologies for Biochar Based Carbon Dioxide Removals" at the IBI Biochar Academy in Canandaigua, NY

We're Celebrating! 

As of June 2023 Biosystems Engineering, PLLC is delighted to announce that we 

are now a certified BCorporation! We are committed to using business as a force for good. 

Learn more about the BCorp movement and how you can become certified here

This Company is part of the global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system.

BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING, PLLC is pleased to announce that we are officially certified as a Living Wage Employer!