Carbon Accreditation

We provide biochar based carbon dioxide removal (CDR) services 

supporting the following methodologies:


- Climate Action Reserve

- Verra

- World Biochar Certification (WBC)

We provide hourly consultation as well as a standard offering.

Our standard offering is provided on a lump sum basis and consists of the following:

- Initial assessment and eligibility check

- Site visit

- Defensible report preparation

- Audit support

Our team is well versed in monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) grounded in the 

ISO disciplines with each team member having 20 years or more experience. 

We are committed to professional quality reporting.

Additionally, we offer lifecycle assessments (LCA), and greenhouse gas (GHG) calculations on a case by case basis per ISO 14040/44, 14064-1,-2,-3 and 14067.