Engineering & Project Management Services

We provide Process Engineering and Project Management Services for the biomass, biofuels, and bioenergy sectors with a focus on small to medium scale industrial facilities.

We have deep expertise in biodiesel processing as well as several years of hands-on process experience in biomass pelleting (in the 2,000 ton per day scale) and 

advanced pyrolysis (on the 1 ton per day scale).  

Additional industrial experience includes technical and code review of hemp facilities, ethanol plant distillation re-tuning from fuel to hand sanitizer, pilot scale cold-flow transport reactor installation and operation, pilot scale solid state CO2 sorption plant operation, solvent recovery and boiler steam distribution design/operations, and plant laboratory design and operation.

Scopes of work have included but not been limited to design, installation, operations, financials as well as team building, planning and strategy.